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A Chorus Line at Sierra Repertory Theatre.

Marissa Mayer (as the plucky Bebe) recounts how, “At the Ballet,” she could forget he rotten home life. Ms. Mayer’s crystal-clear, flawless voice was filled with emotion and thrilled in one of the most well-known numbers in the show.



"Working out and self-care have definitely become the new nightlife within my community of friends. It’s so cool! I hardly ever go out, simply because I rarely enjoy the crazy party scene. I’d rather meet up with a small group of friends, drink wine, and talk about life together."

— Marissa Mayer

Photographer: Kelly Marshall


In his Bronx studio, Sabin Howard photographs actors—Zach Libresco, Paul-Emile Cendron and Marissa Mayer—dressed in period costume, one of the first steps in creating a sculpture for a national World War I memorial. Photo: Steve Remich for The Wall Street Journal